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Voice Tech Talk Recap

Voice Tech Talk, our 3rd Masterclass, focused on Voice User Experience (VUX) for Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). During this session, our Voice UX experts Sam and Roos share examples of both great brand experiences and great brand failures where poor VUX led to a lasting negative impact on the brand’s reputation and potential loss of a generation of customers.

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Getting Ready for Mobile Augmented Reality Primetime

The 2nd Masterclass session of our new EmTech series focused on the topic of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) and how to prepare your brand for Mobile AR. Want to make your brand experience one-of-a-kind? Follow the tips in this sessin to learn how to leverage Mobile AR to do so.

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EmTech Masterclass #1: Self-Representation & Scale in Virtual Reality

View some highlights from our 1st session on May 27th, 2020 where Key Lime Interactive experts discuss how self-representation affects user perception, how to identify visual cues that impact the sense of scale and how to establish a path of success for your product by determining the type of usability/effectiveness testing that will have the most impact on your design.

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Your Customer Journey Map is a Big Data Tool

Data-rich, but insight poor” has become adage, “most of us collect more data than we will ever need… it just sits there!” stated Sharon Davison, SVP of Client Insights at Key Lime Interactive in the webinar titled Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Is a Big Data Tool.

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5 Strategies to Minimize Expert User Bias

When designing products that require skill and training to use, such as medical devices, seeking input from expert users is crucial. Their experience and perspective help ensure the device meets the needs of users (and patients). But what if we told you that relying on experts could actually make your product worse?

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VR Talk: Making Sure Your Users Fall In Love

We’ve found that the first few minutes of a VR experience can entice users to delve deeper or make them lose interest completely. Join Rick, Levi, and Eugene for a thirty-minute exploration of how to define the virtual relationship early and make your users fall in love at first sight.

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The Coming Evolution in AI and the Relevance to UXR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving. Steve Foster, VP of Client Insights at Key Lime Interactive predicts this evolution, or even revolution, is gaining speed and that UX Researchers, known experts in considering the human experience, understanding how humans trust and naturally tech-savvy, will help usher in this change and ideally make it more compelling and perhaps help protect us from ourselves. Technologies like geofencing, mobile networks, and the ever-present mutually beneficial, yet still competitive business relationship, will all play a role as well.

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Death of the 6 Week Research Project

Join us for a 30-minute webinar with our VP of User Research, Eugene Santiago, who will tell the story via a case study of how user experience (UX) research is changing, how Key Lime Interactive (KLI) is ushering along that change, and the impact this is having on product design as a whole.

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