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eXtended Reality (XR) Solutions

Are you exploring how Extended Reality (XR) solutions like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can serve your enterprise? Do you already have an idea of how XR could help but need some help perfecting it?

What is eXtended Reality (XR)?

XR is an umbrella term used to describe immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). You can find more articles on XR here.

What is XR

We’ll Support Your XR Product Needs



By helping you identify potential XR use cases and associated technology



By optimizing your XR Design & Development Process



By refining your XR Product


XR Overview

Determining if XR is Right for You

Formative and Explanatory

Our team of XR & UX experts will guide your strategizing efforts, helping you identify the best applications for the technology. Don’t know if XR is appropriate for you? We can help with that too by modeling the costs and benefits of using XR to enhance your organization or product. XR research methods include:


  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Task & Error Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Discrete Event Simulation

Optimizing your XR Design & Development Process

Generative and Synthetic

We support the creative process at all levels, aiding designers and engineers in asset development by helping them account for usability factors that enhance the efficacy of an end product. If your needs are more long-term, our on-site researchers have experience in integrating with day-to-day team operations to support production iterations. UX research methods include:


  • Onsite Services
  • Design Assessment
  • Biometric Studies
  • User and Usability Testing
VR services
VR UX Services

Refining your XR Product

Transformative and Honing

Our team will review & assess product efficacy in achieving target goals, providing comprehensive but actionable recommendations if weaknesses are identified. We have methods to analyze XR products as a whole or on specific characteristics, such as early presence development. Various UX research methods include:


  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Expert Review
  • Playthrough Testing
  • Competitive Benchmarking

VR & AR User Experience Tips

Want some UX pointers right now?

In this webinar, we talk about the importance of first impressions in creating a successful VR experience. All too often we see enterprise companies invest in VR experiences, but fail to execute with an onboarding experience that creates engagement. Learn more by watching our latest webinar.


XR Team

Ayush Bhargava, Ph.D.

Ayush Bhargava, Ph.D.

VR/AR User Experience Researcher

Ayush Bhargava is a creative problem-solver specializing in perception and usability-based research in XR. He is a developer at heart and approaches every problem from both a technical and human factors perspective.

His work in several different areas of VR and AR has been published in world-class journals and conference venues. Moreover, he serves as a reviewer for multiple academic venues. He is very passionate about the potential for immersive technologies and their widespread application in fields like health care, workforce, communication, entertainment, and education. Check out his thoughts on prototyping and evaluating VR simulations for training.

Marina Roselli

Marina Roselli

User Experience Researcher Specialist

Marina Roselli, a NYC-based UX Researcher/Designer specializing in eXtended Realities (XR). At heart, she is a problem solver, a storyteller, and a gamer with a knack for providing band-aids to customer’s pain points.

She has worked as the UX lead in VR/AR production teams, crafted UX award-nominated immersive experiences on Oculus and Vive, and designed the educational VR game “Clear the Air” at the cornerstone of the government of Canada’s nationwide “Pursue Your Passion” campaign. As a researcher, Marina has worked for enterprise-level companies by relying on her expertise in perception and cognition to make actionable recommendations. She loves talking about tutorialization and transformative XR experiences.

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