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Most organizations that already have a mature User Experience (UX) research and design practice still struggle to plan their long-term user research strategies.


UX Strategy Services

Years of user research expertise and diverse industry knowledge enable us to quickly deliver details about what drives your customer’s decision throughout each phase of their engagement journey. Once the strategy is set, UX designers will use identified requirements to develop and iterate designs using paper and pencil sketches, high-fidelity mockups, and interactive prototypes.

KLI UX Consultants

Customer Experience

Behavioral Persona Development

Behavioral personas focus on providing insight to typical behaviors and context for the use of your product. When KLI creates behavioral personals the results include experience goals and end goals.

Customer Journey Mapping

A CJM is a graphical representation of a user’s: actions or “what they are doing”, the medium in which this is happening or “mobile, web, in-person”, what they are feeling “positive or negative emotions”, and their thoughts.

By contextualizing these steps and interactions, KLI researchers can work with your team to better identify areas of opportunity and work towards improving users’ experiences.

UX Strategy Workshops

A successful customer journey map captures the various stages of the customer experience with a company, and the emotional responses the experience generates.

Joint Development Workshops & UX Research Strategy Workshops

Key Lime Interactive’s most senior researchers will partner with your leadership and stakeholders to help create a refined user research plan for the many initiatives and business goals that your organization is currently struggling with. This includes:

  • Workflow Discovery
  • User Requirements Definition

If you are a CMO, VP, or Director of User Research and want assistance or a second opinion on your organization’s UX strategy, we would be happy to be your trusted partner.

For more information on getting started with your strategic workshop, click the link below.

UX Workshop


Big Data Visualization

Big data

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that accumulates in a business on a day-to-day basis. Key Lime Interactive can help you visualize that data in a whole new way.

  1. Identify cost and time reductions.
  2. Realize new product offerings or optimize current offerings.
  3. Make more informed decisions.

All Leading You To:

  1. See where the root causes of failures, issues, and problems are happening.
  2. Visualize your customer’s buying habits or learn why decisions are being made.
  3. Detect issues that are holding your organization back.

As customers engage with your brand, they begin to formulate ideas and emotions that carry them through the entire journey. Understanding the groundwork in which these assumptions are built is the first step in identifying any gaps between offerings and your customer’s journey and expectations.

Design & Protyping

Design is driven by continuous insights gained through observation, UX research, and testing with the intended end-users.

Agile UX Design:

Our design philosophy is rooted in the fact that “we are not our users”. Design is driven by continuous insights gained through observation and testing with the intended end-users. In order to build an experience that best meets the user’s’ needs understanding their end-to-end customer experience journey is pivotal as it sets what they need, are thinking, feeling, and doing while using a system.

Participatory Design:

The primary goal of PD is to help provide greater consideration and understanding of the needs and wants of system users. Participatory Design can be used to carefully integrate the needs, perspectives, and contexts of stakeholders, therefore, increasing the likelihood of diffusion, adoption, and impact of the resulting user-centered system.

Rapid Interactive Prototyping:

Looking for a cutting-edge, quick and easy way to get your designs from concept to interactive prototype? Working in an agile design environment and need insight into the usability of your concept prior to wireframing.

UX design & prototyping