The Key Lime Approach

Agility, Integrity, and Inclusion

Our Core

Our Proven Process

To ensure that we always deliver high-quality and trusted outcomes, Key Lime Interactive employs a proven process with each engagement. This ensures that you know what’s next, you know the best ways to communicate often with our team, and you understand the direction of the outcomes before you receive them so that you’re always satisfied and prepared for action.

  • About You
  • Your Needs
  • How We Can Help
  • Process Overview
  • Confirm Scope
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • What We Konow, What we Think We Know, What We Don’t Know
  • Prepare to Hit the Ground Running
  • Communication Plan
  • Research Plan
  • Adaptive Tactics
  • Efficient Execution
  • Ongoing Communication
  • Milestone Reporting and Check-ins
  • Deliver +
  • Like Best, Next Time Feedback
  • Tie the ribbon
  • Inclusivity Index

Diversity is in our


As both a woman and minority-owned company with more than half of our consultants representing minority backgrounds, we created the Inclusivity Index to help make it easier for companies to understand how they can strive to be more inclusive through their research, brands, products, and services.

Align Research with your Business’ DEI Objectives

Inclusivity Index

Our research studies are all delivered with an inclusivity index report that makes it easy to identify how your study meets broad inclusivity goals, as well as what future research could be conducted to continue to build a more inclusive brand, product, or service.

All Voices

Agile UX Philosophy

Our design philosophy is rooted in the fact that “we are not our users”. Design is driven by continuous insights gained through observation and testing with the intended end-users. In order to build an experience that best meets the user’s needs understanding their end-to-end customer experience journey is pivotal as it sets what they need, are thinking, feeling, and doing while using a system.

UX Design Process
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