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Key Lime Interactive is a Customer Experience (CX) research and service design consultancy focused on helping companies like yours take a human-first approach to building better products and services.

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CX/UX Strategy

User Research

Usability Testing

Onsite & Remote Expertise

Competitive Intelligence

On-Demand Research Centers

Ethnographies & Diary Studies

Customer Journey Mapping

360° CX

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EmTech Design Sprints

Virtual Reality UX Testing

XR Believability & Immersion Testing

EmTech Concept Validation Testing

Consumer Sentiment Assessment

Voice Utterance Testing

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"My VP...emailed me, my manager, my managers boss, and even his boss, saying how impressed he was with our study, presentation, report. That's huge. Big time kudos! Great job!"

Michael / Roku.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with [Key Lime Interactive]. [They] did great work recruiting, organizing, fielding, synthesizing and keeping the project headed in the right direction. I hope we get another opportunity in the near future."

Joe / Bose Corporation

"We in Core UX want to thank you for being such an amazing ABP for us! You left a lasting impact on our team and we want to present you with your very own KudoBoard...No matter where you go, you're always going to be a Core UXer in our minds :)"

Heather / Google

"Great job .... Well done again! Thank you for running an excellent study and for delivering this report ahead of time. I’m reviewing it now and there are several suggestions that seem to be spot-on."

Josh / Cisco