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At Key Lime Interactive, we’ve spent years working with some of the most popular survey tools on the market and can help point you in the right direction. Key Lime Interactive helps businesses effectively extend productivity by borrowing our experienced researchers for an extended period of time, or for training to learn from our seasoned researchers.

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Innovation is important for any growing company. Activating and rewarding creative thinkers benefits everyone. Companies aren’t growing and achieving because the employer pigeonholes employees’ abilities. No, companies are experiencing success by breaking out of the dreaded 9-to-5 box and embracing greater ideas.

As a user experience research firm, this is why one of Key Lime’s core values is intellectual curiosity. We love to ask, “Why?” “Why not?” and “What’s next?” By blending new approaches with past experience, we are able to produce forward-thinking solutions.

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We offer syndicated mobile UX insight into various industries as well as competitive benchmarks and industry trends and innovation reports that can be customized for your needs! Learn more about our Competitive Benchmarking.
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