The Coming Evolution in AI &

The Relevance to User Experience Research
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User Experience Research (UXR) & Artificial Intelligence Webinar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving, which means so is the user experience for correlating products/services.  For this reason, Key Lime Interactive UX researcher and VP of Client Insights will reveal key UXR insights in the following webinar.

He predicts this evolution, or even revolution, is gaining speed and that UX Researchers, known experts in considering the human experience, understanding how humans trust and naturally tech-savvy, will help usher in this change and ideally make it more compelling and perhaps help protect us from ourselves. Technologies like geofencing, mobile networks, and the ever-present mutually beneficial, yet still competitive business relationship, will all play a role as well. Wath a recap of this event below or check out this related white paper.


Machine Learning (ML) & AI

We’re told artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, but what is it really? What does it mean when machine learning (ML) is used? Should I fear AI? How are people utilizing these technologies? Join Carol Smith, Sr. UX Researcher at Uber ATG in exploring these questions and more in this secondary webinar on Machine Leaning and AI.

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