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Your Customer Journey Map is a Big Data Tool
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Data-rich, but insight poor” has become adage, “most of us collect more data than we will ever need… it just sits there!” stated Sharon Davison, SVP of Client Insights at Key Lime Interactive in the webinar titled Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Is a Big Data Tool.

“You need tools to translate complex data; numbers, words, measurements, and observations”, Sharon continues. At KLI we work with client teams to access, synthesize and highlight gaps in data trails, to develop visibility, and prioritize it, not simply mine it and move on.

Rick Damaso, UX Strategist adds “By adding multiple channels of existing data, things like web analytics, personal data, transactional data, behavioral breadcrumbs left along the way, sensor data from relevant products, and other streams to a visual journey map you’ll immediately see “what, if any, blindspots potentially exist in terms of the user’s behavior”. When we reveal these formerly unseen correlations we simplify our future planning. We can prioritize areas of focus, use cases and devise improved customer retention strategies.



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To learn more about how to include your existing data into a detailed assessment of your customer’s journey, view the full webinar or reach out to our team with your questions. View all the Slides here:  Big Data and Customer Journey Mapping.

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