The ability to submit bill payments, view their detailed policy information, and enter detailed accident information including photos, scene details, date, etc. are reported to be the elements that mobile auto insurance property users rank most critical. Having access to a virtual insurance ID card rounds out the top tier of features desired by auto insurance customers. Companies who exhibited these features in a visually appealing, intuitive and highly useable way received the best overall scores in Key Lime Interactive’s recent report.
These results, along with additional details, were announced by Key Lime Interactive (KLI), a leader in mobile experience testing, after the completion of a fourth iteration of their renowned competitive review of the leading U.S. auto insurance companies. In this June 2012 release of the study, State Farm took first place for Best Mobile Website, while in the Best Mobile App portion of the study USAA, and the newly improved GEICO and Progressive Apps round out the top performers. The entire study and/or associated annual subscription are available for immediate purchase.
Additional Report Information
KLI’s Auto Insurance Mobile Heuristics were used to determine the overall score and ranking of eight (8) carriers including State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, Nationwide, Travelers, USAA and Liberty Mutual. These heuristics consisted of a combination of a capabilities assessment, comparative feature ranking and overall user score and ranking.
“The feedback from users can be regarded as the most critical component of the study” says Eugene Santiago, lead KLI researcher for this report series. “The methodology first aimed to understand, using consumers’ self-reported preferences, which features and tasks were must-haves when it came to interacting with the mobile property. These identified features were then placed into tiers to highlight their importance. Finally, these tiers were used in the algorithm used to tabulate the final scores.”
KLI recognizes the importance of aligning business-centric goals with consumer-centric needs to produce winning solutions and makes this a core component to all deliverables. This incorporation of user feedback is a primary component for this and all studies across various industries ranging from finance, retail, hospitality, etc.
Additionally, the expert contribution to the report pushes the carriers to consider ways to improve their offering by identifying and prioritizing areas that can be improved in general and for each specific property. “Our best-in-class highlights and the listing of available opportunities that we’ve identified for the carriers is another point that receives a great deal of attention. The carriers can compare this with their own research or use it as a starting point for future strategic planning” reports Santiago.
All mobile property assessments included are as of June 22, 2012. The next iteration of the study will be available on Friday, September 28, 2012 and will include any user preference changes by collecting new user data as well as the improvements or changes for all listed carriers as compared to the June 2012 assessment. Please contact us at to purchase either report.