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Cruise Competitive Benchmarking

(Published Annually in March)

In these annual benchmark industry reports, Key Lime Interactive (KLI) uses a multi-faceted research approach combining: quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data to provide meaningful consumer insights for a variety of industries.

Cruise Competitive Index Overview

In these annual benchmark industry reports, KLI combines quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data from hundreds of participants who complete a series of common tasks on each cruise line website. Statistical analysis of this data is employed to rank sites and uncover the top drivers of loyalty and site satisfaction.

Here are the seven Contemporary & Premium Cruise Line websites and mobile sites KLI took a closer look at:

  • Carnival
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Holland America
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Virgin Voyages

In our 2020 Competitive Benchmark Report on the Cruise industry, we performed a survey of 2,800 people on Mobile and Desktop.


Read the Overview: Cruise Competitive Index Overview PDF

Mobile UX Competitive Intelligence

Senior leadership and online marketers alike can make at-a-glance decisions about key areas of the user experience to satisfy their existing and prospective customers. What does your customer want and how can you better serve them?

Our competitive analysis can help address some key strategic marketing questions like:

  • How do you rank compared to your top competitors?
  • What are the user’s top pain points using your website?
  • What are the best practices for cruise research and booking online?
  • How do you measure up in key segments (such as first-time cruisers)?

Cruise Competitive Analysis Details

Each year the benchmark will examine sites’ top problem areas from the previous year and any site redesigns/changes made subsequently, to answer the question: Have the sites made changes that have improved or worsened the user experience?

This Cruise UX Analysis will include:

  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data
  • Multiple regression analysis to yield top predictors of desired outcomes (Loyalty and Site Satisfaction)
  • Behavioral data
  • First click analysis
  • Average time on task
  • Uncovers problems with the sites’ navigation, nomenclature, layout, clarity or prominence of key features/ functionality/ content
  • Direct user feedback
  • Insights from consumers in their own words about what they like, dislike, want, need, and their expectations and frustration
  • In-depth analysis of report buyers’ website
  • What does the site do well relative to the competition?
  • Where are the gaps between the site and its competitors?
  • Specifically, what is responsible for the gaps?  And what specific issues with the online experience drive negative user perceptions of the site?
  • Success Factors and Best-in-class examples
  • Best-in-class sites highlighted to illustrate why more users say it’s easy to use makes the best first impression, has the most appealing  activities and excursions, why more users are likely to return/recommend/ book on the site or with cruise company in future
  • Longitudinal tracking and analysis

Additional information about KLI’s methodology is detailed in our detailed report. Request Detailed Report.

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