Key Lime Interactive’s Mobile Insurance Report Identifies Allstate as the Only Carrier in the Top 8 to Offer Mobile Properties in Spanish

In 2009 Allstate made it clear that they were working to ensure effective communication and business practices with both the English and Spanish speaking US communities in which they offered their services.  They integrated a Spanish-language national marketing campaign, complete with targeted tv spots and a Spanish website version that continued through 2010 and beyond.   Today, those business goals remain unchanged and separate Allstate from their competitors.   In a recent study by the marketing research and usability company Key Lime Interactive, it was reported that of the top 8 US auto insurance providers, Allstate was the only provider who offered their mobile solutions in Spanish.

The report included Allstate Mobile, GEICO, Liberty Mutual Mobile, Nationwide Mobile, Progressive, State Farm Pocket Agent, Travelers and USAA and was largely focused on combining a set of consumer determined desired features and capabilities and ranking how well each carrier met those stated needs.   Although Allstate did not rank first in overall mobile experience for their app or their msite, the availability of their properties to be accessible to the Spanish speaking community was one area in which they stood alone.

Last week, BIGresearch reported that more Hispanic adults reported mobile device usage than all US adults.  For example, the survey indicated that iphone usage is 6.6% higher for Hispanics.   Allstate is taking note and staying ahead.

“Given the size and growth of the US Hispanic segment, this is certainly a wise decision to align business goals to target this consumer with the consumer experiences in an effort to retain consumers” reports Ania Rodriguez, founder of KLI.   “Our research has indicated that the Hispanic population is brand loyal and community oriented.   Companies who localize their mobile properties to Spanish properly present a competitive edge nowadays.”

KLI’s next iteration of this mobile auto insurance report is due out in June.  “It will be interesting to see if any of the other players recognize the importance of Spanish localization to appeal to this market and follow suit.”

Additional Report Information:  The report titled Mobile Competitive Review:  Auto Insurance is a quarterly syndicated study published by Key Lime Interactive.  The report combines a consumer response survey (n=300) where the most desirable mobile features were identified and prioritized.  This priority list was compared to the available feature sets of each of the relevant carriers and ultimately the carriers were ranked on their ability to meet consumer needs in a usable way.   For more information on this report or to purchase a subscription, please reach out to Key Lime Interactive directly.