Real users reveal trends. KLI takes note.

As top retailers strive to increase their mobile presence KLI continues to launch studies
of all shapes and sizes to explore mobile trends. In the process our researchers are
gaining intimate knowledge about the general expectations of today’s consumer and
the love/hate relationship they’re developing with their favorite retailers.
As they shop on their smartphone or tablet “consumers don’t want to pinch and drag
screens around and accidentally click unintended links. They don’t want to be
autocorrected or type in 16-digit credit card numbers” says Rebeca Lergier, Sr. User
Research Director at KLI. “They’re seeking simplicity; automatic detection, visual cues,
one-click checkouts… We’ve gotten to the point where we can see pain points a mile away.”
Considering that many retailers have yet to optimize for mobile but a majority plan to in
the next 24 months, we’ve identified the most common pain points and created a list to
improve mobile properties from their inception.