Nick Iuliucci will share research findings at the 16th Annual International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction  |  June 2014 – Crete, Greece

Logo, HCI International 2014As leaders in usability, KLI is committed to innovation and thought leadership via global usability conferences. KLI has been invited to present our study titled Cultural Divergence In Website Interaction: Spanish Vs. English. The paper is co-authored by Ania Rodriguex and Nick Iuliucci. They will be  be discussing the impact of eye tracking methodologies to examine the anthropological layer of subjective culture and how it relates to web design elements.
Localization of websites to native culture is a common practice among organization and companies. This method assumes a singular design structure per cultural group, essentially clustering individuals into their dominate culture, even in instances of dual cultural identity. Dual cultural identity refers to the occurrence that people can strongly associate with two cultural and that these both influence perception and expectations.  This creates of binary spectrum of identity, which is the focus of the research.
            Using eye-tracking in concert with self-identification survey methods patterns of website gaze behavior have been investigated for their potential to reveal cultural identity aspects that influence deviations in perception. This is the first of many studies that KLI intends to conduct to understand the degree that cultural identity influences perception and expectations of our users