So You Think You Can Moderate?

Techniques to Enhance Your Moderating Skills
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Watch Techniques to Enhance Your Moderating Skills


Being an effective moderator is one of the most important skills a user experience researcher can master. Being a good moderator is more than reading from a test script, it involves all of the complex social interactions and self-awareness that is a core part of human-to-human interaction. It is extremely easy to impose our views and alter the behavior patterns of a participant. It takes time to perfect moderating skills and requires regular input from even the more experienced researchers. Constructive critiquing is a useful and productive way to get feedback and help to refine those skills.

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How to Enhance your Moderating Skills

In this webinar, you will learn the dos and don’ts of moderating qualitative user research sessions. Common mistakes such as leading a participant, questions about when it is and is not ok to interrupt a participant, and how to effectively probe, will be addressed.

This interactive presentation will demonstrate moderating techniques and the five key personas developed by our Principal Researcher that reflect some of the most challenging types of participants to work with. A series of fun and entertaining exercises will help the audience to develop strategies to handle challenging participants. The webinar will also include Q&A time with an opportunity to ask questions from our veteran moderator.

Whether you are a seasoned moderator or a first-timer, this session is for you. Here’s what you’ll get out of this webinar:


  • A way to self-assess your current moderation skills
  • Understand five commonly encountered participant personas and how to get the most from these types of individuals
  • Have a chance to ask a seasoned moderator any tips & tricks

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