Mobile Payment Compatibility Apps

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Mobile Payment Compatibility App UX Webinar:

If you have been following the September and October 2014 editions of the Key Lime Interactive newsletter, you may have read the two-part article that focused on mobile payment apps. Our researchers, Kathleen and Phil, faced a challenging experience with mobile payments during a New York music festival, which inspired them to get together and assess the leading mobile payment apps that are currently on the market.

Get the insights from our user experience specialists as they field some of the popular forms of mobile payments and they share their perspective on usability and options.

Some of the apps that will be covered:

  • ApplePay
  • Google Wallet
  • PayPal
  • Softcard/ISIS
  • LoopPay
  • Coin
  • Starbucks

Our researchers will also be giving their predictions for the future of mobile payments.

How will this impact the purchasing experience moving forward?


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