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Who We Are

Key Lime Interactive is a user experience (UX) research and customer experience (CX) service design agency with 12+ years of serving over 150 clients in all industry segments across Fortune 1000s, including Amazon, Roku, Bose, and Google.

Our in-depth user research from UX thought-leaders provides insight to understand and engage your target audience. From women leaders to a multicultural and interdisciplinary team, diversity has been a part of the Key Lime DNA since it was founded in 2009. This diversity is reflected in the integrity of user insights we deliver to brands around the world.

KLI core Values

Core Values

  • See the Puzzle

  • Dynamic

  • Open and Receptive

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Put a Ribbon on It

We live by our values inside and out from our company culture to how we engage with clients and how we engage the communities we serve.

Core UX Services


We are thought leaders, strategists, researchers, designers, and front-end developers who deliver strategic insights, advice, ideas, and prototypes that help enterprise companies move the needle in terms of customer experience differentiation.


Our user research provides you with actionable information about the behaviors, motivations, and needs of your target audience.


You can’t beat your competitors without knowing what they do best. As you develop your strategic roadmap, you need to understand what your competitors are doing and what their audience loves about them.


Key Lime Interactive helps businesses effectively extend productivity by borrowing our experienced researchers for an extended period of time, or for training to learn from our seasoned researchers..


It’s Who We Are


Insights That Keep Pace

It’s our business to fast-track the insights you need to make smarter product decisions. Accelerate growth and engagement with Key Lime research and our proprietary tools and processes.


EmTech CX/UX Authority

We are the preferred UX research partner for brands blazing trails with XR and Voice Tech experiences. We invest resources to deliver key insights to companies endeavoring to include emerging technology in their offering.


Make Smarter Business Decisions

The diversity of lived experiences of our people are our greatest trade secret. It is reflected in the integrity of insights we deliver to brands around the world.

A team of over 25 diverse thought-leaders


UX-fellows Partner
Inc 2016 award
Expertise 2020 Award

Key Lime Interactive’s Leadership

Ania Rodriguez

Ania Rodriguez

CEO & Founder

Ania has served as a user experience advisor to Fortune 500 companies around the world for nearly the past two decades on the topics of User Interface Design, Product Design, and User Research. Known for her focus on actionable results and quality, Ania’s leadership has resulted in double-digit growth over the past decade and the company has emerged to become the leading user experience research firm in the United States.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Chief Security Officer

Eugenio Santiago

Eugenio Santiago

SVP of Research

Anacarla Castrillo

Anacarla Castrillo

Chief Operations Office

Jennifer Knodler

Jennifer Knodler

Senior Vice President

Denise Descalzo

Denise Descalzo

Head of Human Resources

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"I’ve really enjoyed working with [Key Lime Interactive]. [They] did great work recruiting, organizing, fielding, synthesizing and keeping the project headed in the right direction. I hope we get another opportunity in the near future."

Joe / Bose

"I'm reading through the final report for the Express Checkout study and I wanted to pause and let you know that your reports get better and better. This is the best final report of all of them over the last few years. The information displayed is awesome. You should be proud of your team!"

Laura / Southwest Airlines

"My VP...emailed me, my manager, my managers boss, and even his boss, saying how impressed he was with our study, presentation, report. That's huge. Big time kudos! Great job!"

Michael / Roku

"...your contributions to [the project] have been invaluable and provided us with the most comprehensive feedback from real users we’ve had in a while. Thank you for helping us lay the framework for great things ahead: we couldn’t have done it without you! On a more personal level, I’ll miss the enthusiasm and professionalism you’ve brought to the team. Thank you for everything!"

Justin / Google

"Great job, ... Key Lime team. Well done again! Thank you for running an excellent study and for delivering this report ahead of time. I’m reviewing it now and there are several suggestions that seem to be spot-on."

Josh / Cisco

“…this methodology provides the details we need in order to focus our development plans in the coming year,”

VP of eCommerce / Norweigan Cruise Lines

"We in Core UX want to thank you for being such an amazing ABP for us! You left a lasting impact on our team and we want to present you with your very own KudoBoard...No matter where you go, you're always going to be a Core UXer in our minds :)"

Heather / Google

“[The Key Lime Interactive Team has] been amazing to work with...This report far exceeded my expectations. I'm so pleased and excited to share the findings with the rest of my team.”

Neeta / Insulet

“Our C-suite asked us to find an A-Team… Having worked with Key Lime at a previous employer, I knew that there was no better team than them for actionable insights and strategic design recommendations.”

VP of Digital Strategy / Miami Heat