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So Many Tools, So Little Time

If you do quantitative research, I’m sure you’ve had this problem before. You’ve figured out how you want to test your site, and identified the perfect methodology, only to realize you need to decide on a survey tool. If it’s a tool you’ve used before, no problem, but what if it’s a different methodology? A Google search results in 10 different tools that seem to fit your needs, and you find yourself wading through pricing plans, feature lists, and marketing copy, and two hours later you still haven’t decided which tool is best for your team.

Key Lime Interactive is here to help. Being a consulting research firm, we have the opportunity to work with many different online quantitative research tools without being locked into a particular provider. In this 45-minute webinar, Phil McGuinness, one of our user experience researchers with a focus on quantitative research tools, will discuss his flowchart for choosing the right research tool based on your budget and data collection needs. In addition, he’ll provide information about how he came to recommend each solution for each particular problem, and why.

KLI Workshop

What You Can Expect to Learn:


  • How to choose the best tool for your particular need
  • Why each tool is recommended by Key Lime Interactive for that solution
  • The strengths and weaknesses some of the most popular quantitative research tools, from the perspective of a UX Researcher

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