Key Lime Interactive is a user experience (UX) research and service design agency, with a sweet spot for emerging technology


We are a team of thought leaders, strategists, researchers, designers, and front end developers who deliver strategic insights, advice, ideas and prototypes that help enterprise companies move the needle in terms of customer experience differentiation.


Why Choose KLI?

  1. Insights that keep pace
    It’s our business to fast-track the insights you need to make smarter product decisions. Accelerate growth and engagement with Key Lime research and our proprietary tools and processes.
  2. EmTech CX/UX Authority
    We are the preferred UX research partner for brands blazing trails with XR and Voice experiences. We invest resources to deliver key insights to companies endeavoring to include emerging technology in their offering.
  3. Diversity in our roots
    The diversity of lived experiences of our people are our greatest trade secret and it’s reflected in the integrity of insights we deliver to brands around the world.

Since 2009, we have been trusted by 100+ of the world’s most admired companies

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KLI’s Leadership

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For a complete list of our consultants, visit us on LinkedIn

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Our Values

  • See the puzzle

  • Dynamic

  • Open and receptive

  • Do the right thing

  • Put a Ribbon On It

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Our Mission

  • To Make Life Easier

  • To Optimize Experiences

  • To Make the World a Better Place

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