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Getting Started With Customer Journey Mapping

by Matt Bruce   Customer journey mapping is the visual or graphical interpretation of a customer's story. Journey maps diagram a customer's point of view, reasons, and emotions behind the interactions they have with an organization. Journey maps provide companies...

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Mood Meter: A Real-Time Satisfaction Meter

For those of you that attended UXPA Boston in May, you may have already been introduced to our Mood Meter tool. We’re excited to share the concept behind the Key Lime Original ‘Mood Meter’ in this live presentation. Join us for a 60-minute live webinar with CEO, Ania Rodriguez, and User Experience Researchers, Jonathan Knopf and Rick Damaso.

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Auto Insurance Mobile Competitive Index Report Overview

In this webinar, we will be giving companies an exclusive preview to the methodology behind this report. Join our Director of Quantitative Research, Dana Bishop, as she leads the overview on KLI’s competitive index. This report goes far beyond a basic heuristic evaluation or expert review. 

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Trailblazers Tell All: The Truth Behind Journey Mapping

During this event, you’ll learn firsthand experiences from some of the world’s top brands who have personal experience developing journey maps. They’ll have some tips and tricks you can use when incorporating these journeys into your overall CX strategy.

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Eye Tracking The Mobile User Experience

This webcast will empower attendees with the knowledge of how eye tracking can be applied to their mobile user research projects as well as best practices for conducting a successful mobile eye-tracking study.

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Home/Renter’s Insurance Mobile Competitive Index Report Overview

In ths webinar, we’ll give companies an exclusive preview of the methodology behind our Mobile Competitive Index. This report goes far beyond a basic heuristic evaluation or expert review. Don’t get left behind on this consumer-driven report with the most updated insights towards customer preferences in the insurance industry.

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Mobile Payment Compatibility Apps

Get the insights from our user experience specialists as they field some of the popular forms of mobile payments and they share their perspective on usability and options. Our researchers will also be giving their predictions for the future of mobile payments. How will this impact the purchasing experience moving forward?

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“Personas” from Around the World | UX Fellows Style

To set the stage for a recent webinar on personas, Key Lime Interactive called upon their fellow UX Fellows to share some stereotypical “personas” for each of their respective nations. We must share the results as they are quite humorous!

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