SFBJ 40 Under 40 2014 Luncheon

Last Friday our Miami office had the opportunity to attend the South Florida Business Journal 40 Under 40 Luncheon to support our CEO & Founder, Ania Rodriguez, on being one of the forty honorees. We had a great time and even met some new friends, like Dan Cane from Modernizing Medicine! The theme of the event was all about selfies, so we rose to the occasion and participated in the selfie contest on Twitter.
If you aren’t following us on Twitter, you should be. Find us @keylimeinteract. Check out some of the fun selfies below and see event highlights from our point of view. Then, go follow us on social media to get regular updates! You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

A Ninja and a Novice walk into UXPA 2014….

By: Rick Damaso

I recently had the opportunity to represent Key Lime Interactive at the UXPA 2014 Conference in London. This was my first official conference representing Key Lime so I was a little apprehensive. I wanted to impress my bosses and contribute in any way I could.  As the new kid on the block I was feeling more than a little responsible for the trust and financial investment in my attendance. Adding to this self-imposed pressure was the fact that I was traveling with a UXPA veteran, self-proclaimed user experience Ninja and VP of Research, Eugenio Santiago.  (You can follow him at @TheLimeNinja).
Whether you are reading this as a UX novice or have 10+ years of experience in the industry, you know the benefits of attending top-notch conferences. Not only do you get industry training, the latest trends, best practice review, and team building exercises; you get those awesome little pastries that seem to be on every dining cart. Ultimately, it’s all about the networking. I’ve learned that the user experience community is a small one. It’s a tight-knit group of professionals with long standing histories and crossed career paths, which can definitely be intimidating to newcomers.  A pleasant surprise for me was the camaraderie and wonderful sense of humor we all share. Everyone is equipped with quick wit and good-natured jokes – most of which are aimed at web developers. Truth be told, I don’t know those jokes. It got me thinking…. What else I could learn before heading to the next conference? What tips could I share with you, the reader, on maximizing your experience at any professional conference? Here’s a few that come to mind:
As my university professor used to say, ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Have a list of target companies, vendors, and individuals that you would like to connect with professionally and personally. Most conferences will have a fan page on Facebook or a list of sponsors/attendees on their website prior to the event. Use that information to your advantage. It’s a great way to maximize the short coffee breaks between sessions. You may want to contact people in advance and set up a time and place to rendezvous and talk shop. Be sure to leave time in your schedule to allow for organic conversations. This is particularly true for training sessions where you’ll probably get to know your fellow attendees fairly well in a smaller group.
I wonder if the founders of Twitter ever envisioned their platform being utilized for virtual conference attendance? When used effectively, Twitter is a powerful tool to converse with speaker and other conference attendees, maximize corporate/personal exposure and start new business conversations. You can even schedule some tweets based on your planned itinerary. Be sure to follow the conference hashtag to extend your conversations beyond the conference walls.
Don’t be afraid of wearing the “new guy” badge. The organizers will literally put it under your name on your conference badge so you won’t really have a choice anyway. Own it.  There’s no reason to be shy. In fact, your “newness” is a great ice breaker. Everyone will be excited to see a fresh face. This is your opportunity to ask questions, stimulate discussions with panelists, and build equity amongst your peers. My advice for first time attendees, or for any professional looking to learn more about the UX industry, is to start a conversation whenever you find yourself in a crowd. Helpful hint: You are never “off-duty” while at a conference so be aware of who’s in the room during designated social hours. You might meet that industry player who you’ve been hoping to meet.
My theory going into my first big event with Key Lime, was that a novice and a ninja might look at a conference in very different ways. I imagined we would each have different definitions of a successful conference. As it turns out, our success metrics weren’t all that different. We each learned a lot during the five-day event, got some great tips to inform our research back at the office and met some incredibly smart people along the way.
After the closing keynote, I sat down with the ninja for a debrief. We compared notes and talked about some of most exciting takeaways. The ninja nodded at me and confirmed that we both had great experience. He had one piece of final advice for me. I eagerly pulled out my smartphone, ready to capture these final words of wisdom. He was going to give me the inside scoop. I was eager and thrilled to be a part of this secret knowledge. As he motioned me to come a little closer he said  “So rookie, did you hear the one about the web developer walking into a bar…..He didn’t like the table layout”

KLI’s Competitive Benchmark Study: Cruise Edition


 The cruise industry is buzzing in anticipation of KLI’s two unique Competitive Benchmark Studies set to  be released this summer.  Each study provides an apples-to-apples comparison of the top cruise line site  within two different industry segments.  These reports extend beyond a traditional index report in that  KLI researchers truly examine and analyze the user experience through a multi-faceted research  approach combining quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data.

 Thousands of users will perform a customized series of tasks on the websites of Azamara Club Cruises,  Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America, Norwegian,  Oceania Cruises, Princess, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, Silversea, and Windstar Cruises. For information about this report, inquiries about KLI’s Competitive Research Reports in general or to request that KLI explore the possibility of running a similar series for your industry please contact us.

New Director of Quantitative Research Leads Competitive Initiatives

KLI couldn’t be happier to welcome Dana Bishop to our team as our new Director of Quantitative Research. Dana has been working in the field of user research for 20 years and flaunts extensive experience with a variety of research methods. Above all, Dana has perfected the art and science of creating simple, yet highly-informative large-scale online user experience research studies. Her graceful orchestration of traditional scaled questions and directed tasks for users results in detailed feedback, thoughtful analysis and poignant evidence that informs design for clients far and wide.
Prior to joining Key Lime Interactive, Dana was lead researcher and manager of Keynote Systems’ Competitive Research group. While at Keynote, Dana led longitudinal quantitative research studies across numerous verticals and global markets for companies such as Carnival, Expedia, Travelocity, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Yahoo!, and State Farm Insurance. Dana began her career in the 1990s in San Francisco where she spent 3 years at Charles Schwab & Co conducting a nationwide field study and weekly in-lab sessions with customers; as well as time spent running usability testing for edu-tainment software in school environments.
After just three short months as part of the KLI team, Dana’s expertise is in high-demand! Custom studies are exceeding client expectations and all the while, Dana and other Key Limers are preparing the following types of reports for incremental release:
KLI Competitive Research. Naturally, with the addition of Dana to the Key Lime team, we’ve both expanded and refined our competitive research. Dana is spearheading several existing and new reports that fall under the following categories:
Competitive Index:
Currently our Auto Insurance Competitive Index and our Mobile Banking Competitive Index are widely used by nearly all top players in their respective industries. For this research KLI runs a survey to deeply understand the perceptions, beliefs, needs and desires of users when using their mobile devices (both web and apps) in context of a given industry and then indexes and compares capabilities across major players; ultimately ranking them and revealing strengths and opportunities for the industry and individual companies to move ahead. Inquire about the purchase of either of these reports, or suggest an index for your industry…
Competitive Benchmark Studies
Additionally, KLI publishes annual Cruise Competitive Benchmark results in June each year. This is a task-based assessment of the leading cruise industry websites by users (a mix of first-time and experienced users). The study analyzes the user experience in trying to learn about the cruise line, find a cruise of interest, and book online. It measures the user experience in terms of satisfaction, site reliability and performance, as well as NPS and likelihood to return and purchase. Dana’s keen understanding of what the cruise industry needs and pays attention to when executing sound design changes is part of what makes this benchmark study novel and desired. The study capitalizes on the value proposition offered by the various brands: Are they selling the ratio of cost to experience well to their digital consumers? Are they painting a clear picture that informs decisions and promotes action? At present, leaders in the industry are working with Dana to refine the June release to include exactly what they’ve been missing. Want to be involved in that conversation? Have ideas for a similar study in a different vertical? Learn more…
Custom Competitive Benchmark Studies
To take this one-step farther and truly meet the demands of KLI clients, Dana is leading the development of Custom Competitive Benchmark studies for several clients in the retail, travel, medical and financial industries. These studies are quite similar to the general Competitive Benchmark studies in that they are also task-based assessments of sites within a given industry by users. They also focus on which site(s) are providing the best user experience; but differ in that they allow companies to custom design aspects of the study along with KLI researchers. Companies can “ customize” by selecting the competitors they are most interested in benchmarking themselves against, as well as having input about the tasks users complete, and timing of when the study fields. Need to benchmark yourself against competitors in your industry? Learn more…

KLUE Labs Announces the Release of KLUE Mobile

PRESS RELEASE  KLUE Mobile Simplifies Mobile User Testing: Unique Tool Records On-Screen Activity and Gestures Along with Audio of Mobile Users Wherever They Are.
KLUE Labs, a new company formed out of a partnership between leaders in user experience research and mobile app development Key Lime Interactive and Crucian Point, has announced the beta release of their flagship product KLUE Mobile. KLUE Mobile is a tool that captures user interaction with mobile websites and immediately delivers video clips complete with on-screen activity, gestures and audio to design teams and researchers looking to see their products in action.
With KLUE Mobile design teams and researchers can use their own list of iOS users or utilize the diverse panel offered by KLUE Labs to screen in participants for qualitative mobile user experience studies. Users can take studies from anywhere in the world at a time and place that is most comfortable for them. This tool eliminates the need to schedule test time or have participants visit a test facility.
Once a study has been designed using the KLUE Mobile web interface, KLUE Labs will notify participants that a study is live via email or push notification. Participants can be targeted by gender, age, education, household income and location. Users who opt to participate are presented with a task to complete on a defined site while KLUE Mobile records user interaction. KLUE Mobile then delivers spoken audio and playbacks of gestural movements.
Unlike other remote testing products for mobile, KLUE Mobile does not require any modifications to an existing mobile site. Additionally, intelligent management solutions immediately notify clients when results have been captured and they can easily select, download and share video clips as they wish. Optionally, follow up surveys can be launched to gather satisfaction metrics and much more.
“User testing on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is in high demand,” says Ania Rodriguez, Founder & CEO of KLI. “Our researchers are spending a lot of time observing and surveying users to intimately understand mobile behavior and trends for our clients. In doing this, we identified that a tool that would allow us to capture the same data remotely would help our clients reduce the time spent on various design cycles and save them money; KLUE Mobile was born.”
KLUE Mobile is available for independent use by parties interested in capturing qualitative data with mobile interfaces. Designers will be able to closely approximate the perspective of their audience by watching live interaction and qualitative user behavior can be analyzed by researchers as products are in development or being improved. They can draw conclusions from feedback and behavior to understand where challenges or strengths are present in the tested interface, and more.
KLUE Labs will be offering a sneak peak tutorial and question answer session via web conference on Tuesday, November 27th at 1:30pm EST. Interested parties are encouraged to attend and share the registration with others. To register: http://bit.ly/KLUEMobileIntroduction
If there is an interest in using this product for research, KLUE Labs is accepting registration to participate in their beta program. To register send your inquiry to info@kluemobile.com.
About KLUE Labs:
KLUE Labs (http://www.kluelabs.com) is an independent company formed by Key Lime Interactive (https://dev.keylimeinteractive.com ), a global leader in user and consumer research and Crucian Point (http://www.crucianpoint.com) a mobile app development group. KLUE Labs has a mission to simplify user testing and user experiences by providing tools and solutions for use by industry professionals so that they may make informed design decisions and improve their products. KLUE Mobile is their flagship product and is a response to industry-wide need for testing solutions for the growing development of digital properties for mobile devices and tablets.

Join us for a free webinar Tues Apr 12: Cruise Industry Benchmarking Study

Syndicated study focusing on Family Cruising aims to compare users experiences among popular brands: Carnival, Disney Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean
» What is the most popular family cruise brand?
» Which site is mostly likely to be recommend to friends?
» How important is FUN when planning for a family vacation? Which brand is perceived as most fun?
All these questions and more, including the role Social Media plays, will be answered in our latest webinar.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
12:30 – 1:30 PM EST